With many hair restoration techniques available today, along with the opinions that people have about the effectiveness of each procedure, you may be confused as to which method is best for your unique situation. The best way to determine which method will be most effective and produce the desired results, is to meet with a physician who specializes in hair restoration. Below are three of today’s most popular procedures used in plastic surgeon offices across the country, all of which are designed to effectively treat various hair loss issues.

Hair Transplantation

The NeoGraft® hair transplant technique is preferred by many male and female patients experiencing patterned baldness and thinning, as well as by cosmetic physicians like Dr. Patt in Houston. This innovative and highly advanced method of restoring hair is minimally invasive, and provides a hairline that looks and feels completely natural. With this procedure, there is no longer the issue of experiencing unattractive scars at the rear or top of the scalp, and the process leaves the patient with their own head of healthy, full hair.

PRP Scalp Treatment

PRP injection therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, is a fairly new and popular hair restoration technique involving drawing your own blood, and then processing it into platelet-rich plasma and rich blood cells. What’s extremely unique and effective about the PRP procedure is that once your plasma is skillfully and safely injected into your scalp, the essential proteins go to work to stimulate and rejuvenate your hair follicles to help promote natural hair growth in those thinning areas of the scalp.

In some areas of the country and around the globe, this procedure is called the “Vampire Hair Regrowth” treatment. Experienced physicians like Dr. Patt, and the staff of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, may also combine this technique with scalp medications like Minoxidil to further promote hair restoration and natural growth. PRP can also be combined with procedures like Microneedling to rejuvenate facial skin.

Laser Hair Restoration

Some patients choose the Low Dose Laser (LDL) Light hair restoration procedure for their results. Added to the benefits of being a pain-free and minimally invasive technique, laser hair treatments also offer little to no downtime. How it works is simple, when lasers enter the subcutaneous layers of the scalp, photon energy increases blood flow and stimulates the natural hair follicles’ metabolism to re-energize them and restore growth functioning. Moreover, your body’s natural reaction to laser energy is to release nitric oxide, which increases circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to the follicles once again. Overall, the laser technique works to rejuvenate hair follicles and stimulate hair growth.

Finding Your Technique

You don’t have to live with hair loss or thinning hair any longer. Though many factors can feed into determining which technique would be best for you, the fact remains that there are options that are proven effective for providing you with full hair restoration. To learn more about these options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Patt today! Call (281) 649-7170, or schedule an appointment online today! We look forward to helping you obtain the restorative hair you’ve been waiting for!

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 By Bradford S Patt, MD

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