With the Holidays at hand and people gathering together, no one wants to feel anxious or self-conscious about the hair loss that they're experiencing. It’s no secret that the Holiday season is one of the best times of year for catching up with friends, close family members, and distant relatives. As such, this can be especially difficult when you’re dealing with the fact that hair loss is one of those things that’s nearly impossible to hide.

Yet, there is good news! Today, people looking for viable solutions to balding or thinning hair have more options than ever before, and facial plastic surgeons, like Dr. Bradford Patt of Houston, can now offer advanced hair restoration treatments that get results. Depending on the type of hair loss condition, Dr. Patt can provide you with the best recommended solutions to help restore natural healthy-looking hair.

NeoGraft® FUE Hair Transplantation

Many men tend to shy away from hair transplant procedures due to worries about having to undergo an invasive procedure, fears of unsightly scarring running along the scalp line, lengthy recovery periods, and the restrictions from the daily routine. Yet today, there is an option suitable for both men and women seeking a quick and nearly pain-free solution with extremely short recovery periods!

The NeoGraft® procedure involves removing naturally-occurring groups of hair follicles from bald-resistant donor areas on your scalp, and transplanting them into the bald spots on your head. This option is also suitable for those who wish to hide scars from past transplants and surgeries. The NeoGraft system is designed to harvest from recognizable areas on your scalp where hair is still growing naturally, like the back of your head. Moreover, the procedure uses the most advanced technology with minimally invasive design which results in a fast recovery with little to no downtime.

PRP Hair Therapy

For people who are beginning to face the problem of thinning hair, a full-fledged hair transplantation won’t be of benefit to them. As such, Dr. Patt offers the Platelet-Rich Plasma procedure, popularly called PRP Therapy, that involves the injection of your own blood plasma serum directly into those patches of the scalp that are beginning to show signs of balding and thinning. The PRP hair restoration option is ideal for women who want to tackle the problem of hair loss before it becomes too obvious.

The growth factors in our own plasma will help hair become stronger, facilitate re-growth, and even repair sun-damaged skin and signs of aging. Like the other procedures, this procedure is also non-invasive, and allows you to carry on with your normal routine without any hassles whatsoever.

Laser Light Technology

Laser Light Technology hair restoration procedure uses light stimulation of the scalp and hair follicles to produce positive reactions to the regenerated supply of nutrients and blood flow to the scalp in those balding and thinning areas. This is a very suitable option for those who are experiencing shedding, and want to strengthen their existing hair follicles, minimize further hair loss, and enjoy some hair re-growth.

Laser therapy is a combination technique of hair restoration and regeneration that stimulates blood flow to your scalp. Combined with faster synthesis of proteins, this procedure will help you better control hair loss without subjecting yourself to surgery.

Fighting Hair Loss

Besides the aforementioned procedures, Dr. Patt also provides additional complementary products in the form of vitamins and oral supplements, shampoos and conditioners, as well as ointments and serums that can be applied to the scalp to supplement and support the hair restoration treatment plan that is best for your situation. Tis the season to connect with Dr. Patt’s office for more information, and to make an appointment. Call 281-552-8111.

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