Today’s cosmetic and facial plastic surgery techniques are advancing at breakneck speeds as surgeons adopt safer, less invasive, and new ways to offer modern facelifts. Dermatology and plastic surgery are coming closer together with each passing year. More people are opting for facelift Houston in response to the exciting introduction of new techniques and innovative procedures. However, the facelifts of the future may not be what you think!

The Vampire Facelift

Don’t let the name spook you, the vampire facelift is one new trending procedure that is non-invasive. It entails the removal of blood, which is then pumped into a centrifuge to extract platelet-rich plasma. Doctors re-introduce the plasma into the facial tissue which provides a natural-looking facelift without full surgery. Optionally, patients can receive treatment that includes facial fillers in the form of injectable hyaluronic acid. The filler provides a viable way to fill wrinkles or improve the fullness of lips. This technique presents no risk when it comes to facial paralysis.

Threading Facelift Procedures

Many of the less-invasive techniques of the future will take advantage of fillers with antioxidants. The fillers are injected under the skin with the aim of stimulating collagen production, which typically decreases with age. On the other hand, the insertion of sugar-based threads is a short-term method capable of lifting the face for a few years. However, the technique is yet to obtain FDA approval.

Alternative threading procedures insert a small thread into the face. This allows the physician to pull up the skin to achieve an optimal and natural lift that looks much like a facelift. The method is less invasive to the facial skin tissues compared to the traditional facelift. Doctors use newly designed threads and ultra-fine needles. The threads are filled with polyactic acid to stimulate the production of collagen. They are also biodegradable, deeming them safe to use on the skin. The entire procedure takes less than one hour, and downtime is minimal.

The Silhouette Soft lift

The silhouette soft lift is a quicker threading procedure that involves the insertion of sutures into the facial skin. Skilled surgeons target the cheek area to insert the sutures. The threads come with biodegradable cones that are absorbed by the body within two years. As a result, the patient enjoys a drastic improvement in structure and appearance of the facial skin and a youthful appearance. The sutures are suitable for different types of skin as well, and cause no allergic reactions.

As technology continues to advance in the medical and cosmetic industries, the marriage between the two will continue to thrive and open-up greater opportunities for people of the future to look young, healthy, and vibrant for as long as possible. With less invasive techniques, faster recovery periods, and minimum risk of complications, the future of facelift looks bright!

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