The Best Chemical Peels

Glycolic & Lactic Peels

Glycolic acid is a substance which occurs naturally in sugar cane, and is technically called alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) acid. When this naturally-occurring acid is applied to the skin, thickened surface layers are loosened so the dry, rough, and scaly appearance is diminished to improve the overall look and feel of the skin. Glycolic peels are highly successful in treating mild sun damage, as well as resolving uneven pigmentation and loss of elasticity.

Lactic Acid is a substance which is derived from milk. It is an excellent resource to use for skin resurfacing and promoting increased moisture levels of the skin. As the outer layers of the skin are peeled away and the lactic acid stimulates the production of collagen in deeper layers, much smoother, softer, and healthier skin texture is revealed.

Most peels will take a little under an hour for treatment, and we usually advise a series of 3-6 weekly peels for optimal results.