Total FX Encore Laser is a revolutionary new machine that provides even deeper penetration, optimizing collagen remodeling, while reducing downtime. Total FX provides total skin rejuvenation with just one treatment and affords faster recovery. Compared to the non-ablative systems, Total FX laser allows a wonderful degree of tightening with a single treatment, along with surface cleansing of the skin.

A typical treatment session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, and treatments of the face alone can typically be completed in 20 to 25 minutes. Laser power settings are adjusted, depending on the area treated. For example, higher energy is used on the face because of the greater number of adnexal units (sweat glands). This results in more rapid healing. Lower energy settings are used off the face, where there are fewer adnexal structures. In these areas, you can perform much more aggressive treatments at lower energy levels. At the end of five days, most of the superficial peel is gone in the typical patient.

Most of the brown spots and skin bumps — such as keratosis — are greatly diminished, if not completely eradicated. But what is most exciting is that for six months following the treatment, there is a progressive tightening of the skin, not only of the very surface microfine lines and creases, but a very significant “shrink-wrapping” effect takes place. This provides the skin with much greater elasticity. The initial collagen boost lasts about four to six months, and treatment can be repeated as early as three months for more aggressive tightening. Ultimately, skin pores become minimized and clear.

Generally, the goal is to achieve the desired results in a single treatment. Patients love the treatment, and especially the lasting effect…and the limited downtime. This treatment organically stimulates the collagen formation mechanism. Patients are amazed by the eventual results.

Patient word-of-mouth has been the strongest marketing resource for Total FX. Compared to competing fractional resurfacing technologies, the Total FX laser can accomplish more in a single treatment than other lasers. Some other technologies are very effective, but require four to six sessions to achieve anything comparable to the Total FX.

Total FX can also be used to perform blepharoplasty, brow lift, and can treat rhinophyma, as well as many other incisional and excisional procedures.

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