As your body ages and changes as the years progress, aging skin seems to be the first and most apparent sign. As such, an entire industry has been devoted to producing anti-aging skincare products and treatments to help slow down the progression of these signs on the face. And perhaps one of the most challenging issues for many adults is when they not only have to succumb to the signs of aging skin on the face, but also experience adult acne with it! Fortunately, Houston facial plastic surgeons like Dr. Bradford Patt, understand the concerns that many adults continue to face. Since everyone’s aging skin issue is different, Dr. Patt and his staff consult with patients to help determine the best course of action for treatment.

Defining the Problem

Before selecting any treatment options, it's important to define what type of problem is present. Dry skin, for example, is treated differently than adult acne- though both issues can be caused by hormonal changes in the skin as we age. However, the overall effectiveness of any treatment option will depend on each patient’s specific needs. Therefore, it's always befitting to discuss skin treatments during a medical consultation with Dr. Patt before taking any drastic steps.

Basic Steps Can Work Wonders

In some cases, aging skin can be treated at home without any significant problems developing. Cosmetic surgeons and experts will routinely share basic skincare knowledge with adults facing dry skin, age spots, and even adult acne. When the following tips don’t provide relief, it’s then best to consult with physicians like Dr. Patt for more effective clinical treatment and procedure options.

  • Gentle Cleansers- Bar soaps, as a rule, can be a bit harsh for aging facial skin, and tend to exacerbate dryness rather than providing moisture. Also, always be sure to wash away and completely remove makeup daily.
  • Exfoliating- Though it takes a little time, using a BHA exfoliant will go a long way toward approving the appearance and condition of skin. Dr. Patt offers effective microdermabrasion procedures to gently remove dry dead skin from the surface to bring out the smooth and rejuvenated skin underneath.
  • Moisturizing & Protecting- Use a moisturizer with sun block during the day to protect your face from the weather's effects. Wind and harsh sunlight both dry your skin, suggesting using a quality moisturizer with a high SPF rating will enhance and keep skin well-hydrated. Deep moisturizers are great for night-time replenishment.
  • Special Treatments- Regarding clogged pores, oily skin, and enlarged pores- all of which can contribute to acne in adults, it’s best to discuss options with Dr. Patt for special skin treatments and cleansers to help diminish acne on aging skin, as well as keep your skin rejuvenated.

Adult Acne Needs Special Attention

Formulas containing anti-acne ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are commonly recommended for those suffering from adult acne outbreaks. However, because there may be underlying conditions contributing to the development of acne in adults, it's always best to schedule a consultation.

If you're experiencing skin conditions that aren’t responding to common solutions, contact the experts of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. We’re always happy to help! Call (281) 649-7170 for an appointment.

July 27 2017 |

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