Ways Botox Can Help Your Appearance

Botex Injections – the best remedy for wrinkles

Millions of men and women the world over using Botox to get rid of the wrinkles on their faces to ensure a better appearance. Botox is injected into the muscles with the...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 07 April 2015 |

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Aging and the Face

The human face is considered the central organ of expression and sense. This is found on the frontal or rostral surface of the head. With regard to beauty and aesthetics, the face plays an important role, especially...

How A Botox Appointment Works

Botox or Botulinum toxin is a protein-derived bacteria widely used to treat wrinkles that appear on various parts of the body such as the face, neck, hands, and feet. In the US, Botox has FDA approval for treatment of...

Do Men Get Botox?

For years, women have enjoyed the cosmetic effects of using Botox. Erasing lines and wrinkles, smoothing the skin and restoring a youthful appearance, Botox has become one of the most requested and performed cosmetic...

Houston Botox Doctors Treat More Than Cosmetic Issues

When many people hear the term "Botox," they think of injections used to stop the formation of lines and wrinkles on the face or forehead. This type of Botox is used for cosmetic purposes and is popular for anti-aging...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 09 October 2014 |

Tags: Botox, botox doctors, Botox Doctors Houston, migraines

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The Dangers Of Getting Botox From A Spa

Botox is a substance manufactured from a neurotoxin produced by clostridium botulinum bacterium. It is associated with cosmetic and medical uses alike, and therefore is frequently utilized during elective surgeries....


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