Botex Injections – the best remedy for wrinkles

Millions of men and women the world over using Botox to get rid of the wrinkles on their faces to ensure a better appearance. Botox is injected into the muscles with the injection being rather painless; the procedure is relatively quick with most sessions over within 10 minutes. Doctors generally will apply only very mild doze of Botox. When Botox is injected into the muscle, the muscle becomes soft and smooth and as a result the lines and wrinkles disappear. Prior to injecting Botox, cold pack or anesthetic cream will be applied on the affected area so that patient will experience no pain when the needles are applied. Botox injection is considered as the most convenient method of cosmetic therapy and there is no downtime for this treatment. The bruises as well as swelling that may occur as a result of Botox injection will disappear completely within 24 - 48 hours. There is no recovery period for Botox injection and the injection can be taken at any time during the day.

Gaining happiness and confidence

Many who take Botox injections report that they are better able to regain their original appearance as well as self-esteem. They gain more confidence as a result of permanent removal of the lines on their faces. By way of regaining their self-esteem they are able to lead a happy life and they become cheerful as well as active. When they gain more confidence they will have a positive approach to all activities and they start to mingle more freely with other people.

A safe personality booster

Botox injection enhances the facial beauty of the person by way of eliminating the wrinkles and making the face smooth without causing any other changes on the face. When Botox injection is provided by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon, it drastically reduces any chance for the freezing of the face. While Botox injection leaves behind no signs of a cosmetic therapy, the individuals who undergo the treatment vividly look younger thanks to the wrinkles-free face and smooth facial skin.

Quick effects

Botox injection gives the result very fast. Those who take the injection can see the difference on their face within 2 – 3 days. For a period of one month after the treatment, one can observe the gradual disappearance of the wrinkles. The results last up to four months. After four months, as soon as the lines on the face start to reappear, the patient can have the next injection. Immediately after the second treatment, the wrinkles disappear again. It is a very simple and easy method of treatment.  Its relative affordability also contributes to the procedure's popularity.

Quick restoration and balancing of facial features

Botex injection is the most popular non-surgical treatment for rejuvenation of the skin. The treatment is safe with only rare side-effects, painless and is very quick in giving positive results. Botox treatment ensures quick and complete restoration of the original features of the facial skin. Those who take Botox injection feel fresh and appear fresh. Botex maintains the individual facial features in a natural way and keep them balanced. In addition to removal of the wrinkles from the face Botox restores the cheeks and chin and also makes the cheeks and lips more vivid as well as impressive. Though the result of Botox treatment is temporary, the result comes very fast and it effectively prevents the problem of wrinkles from getting severe. In addition, the treatment is safe as well as inexpensive.

If you would like to benefit from all the ways that Botox can help, contact one of the finest Houston plastic surgeons, Dr. Patt today!

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