Botox Or Fillers: Which Cosmetic Procedure Works For Me?

One of the most satisfactory moments in life is when a person is happy with the image he or she sees in the mirror. It is important for most people to do whatever is necessary to attain and maintain that youthful...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 25 May 2016 |

Tags: Botox, botox, Houston

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Are Baby-Boomers Getting The Most Facelifts?

In 1946, after the end of World War 2, nearly 3.4 million babies were born. This represented a 20 percent increment in births compared to 1945. It was the start of the Baby Boom era in the United States; and by 1947,...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 18 May 2016 |

Tags: Cosmetic Surgery, facelift, Houston

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5 Facts That Show Botox Helps Ladies Look Younger With Age

Many of us know that today’s top celebrities love their Botox, and for a very good reason. Perhaps it’s because this love is not solely based on looks alone. Botox is one of the most effective and popular ways to age...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 12 May 2016 |

Tags: Botox, botox, Houston

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How To Help Your Mom Have Rhinoplasty

The women in Houston, like all women, deserve to be happy and feel confident about their appearance. Today, various cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures offer many options for those who may need medical assistance...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 05 May 2016 |

Tags: Houston, Plastic Surgery, Rhinoplasty

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