What You Need To Know About Chemical Peels

A chemical peel can significantly improve the appearance of a person's skin. Peels can be made from a variety of ingredients, and can treat numerous skin problems.

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 26 August 2015 |

Tags: chemical peels, Cosmetic Surgery

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Differences Between Botox And Facial Fillers

Both facial fillers and Botox are effective techniques used to rectify signs of aging. Their prevalence and popularity have vastly increased over the years. However, though they address specifically different issues,...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 14 August 2015 |

Tags: botox, Cosmetic Surgery, facial fillers

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How Can I Maximize My Botox Results?

The results of facial Botox treatments generally last for 4 to 6 months. Right from the frequency of the injections and suitable additives to skin care routines, there are several ways to maximize the effectiveness of...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 13 August 2015 |

Tags: Botox, results, cosmetic treatments

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