A chemical peel can significantly improve the appearance of a person's skin. Peels can be made from a variety of ingredients, and can treat numerous skin problems.

First, a chemical peel can remove scars. Scars from acne is one example. A peel is a healthy, safe way to remove scarred skin and leave fresh, clear skin in its place.

Second, peels can be effective for removing wrinkles in the skin that are due to natural aging. Skin can be restored to its youthful, healthy appearance.

Third, peels are useful for treating discolored skin. There can be a number of reasons to consider this approach. Your skin may be blotchy, or have an uneven skin tone. Years of exposure to too much sunlight may have caused freckles that you do not think are attractive. You may have a tattoo that you no longer like, and want a removal option that is both effective and inexpensive.


The reason a person is considering a peel, and the condition of their skin, will determine the type of peel that is appropriate.- If your skin only has minor problems, a medium peel should work. Medium peels penetrate middle layers of your skin.

Deep scars and tattoos can be treated with deep peels. This type of peel will penetrate the lowest layer of your skin's dermis.

Peels are most often used on the face. As the face is the most visible part of the body, it is important for your face to look nice. With peels, facial imperfections can easily be corrected.

In some cases, individuals opt for dermabrasion or laser procedures. However, a chemical peel is an option that costs less and is relatively simple. If you have a tattoo, scars from acne, another source or are showing signs of aging, ask your doctor if a peel is right for you.

August 26 2015 |

chemical peels, Cosmetic Surgery

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