The results of facial Botox treatments generally last for 4 to 6 months. Right from the frequency of the injections and suitable additives to skin care routines, there are several ways to maximize the effectiveness of Botox - especially when used to enhance facial appearance.

Botox injections are usually administered when the facial tissue is still weak, ideally at five-month intervals, to maintain the smooth appearance. It is important to schedule treatment regularly with a reliable Houston Botox doctor, just as the effects of the previous dose begin to wear off.

Injectable fillers, when used along with Botox, are known to offer better results, reaching far down into the skin and ironing out deep set creases and wrinkles. Laser treatments, while not strictly necessary, can also prove effective in cases of treating creases or lines deep in the skin; which are not cleanly erased by the injection. These, of course, will have to be decided in consultation with an expert Houston Botox doctor, who will assess specific needs and prescribe a suitable form of treatment.

Apart from investing in quality cosmetic treatments, it is important for the individual to ensure he adopts a healthy diet plan and skin care routine so that the treated skin is well-nourished. Using medical grade, branded skin care products is a great way to enhance and maintain the skin's appearance. Keeping the skin clean and moisturized is necessary to protect and refresh it.

A protein-rich diet is the key to healthy muscles and can work in conjunction with Botox to preserve muscle structure. Lean meat, nuts, dairy, legumes, eggs or fish included in the daily meal do make a difference.

Interested in maximizing results of Botox treatments? Make sure to avail the services of a reliable, trustworthy, and expert Houston Botox doctor- to ensure the best cosmetic treatment.

August 13 2015 |

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