More and more teens are trying to turn to Botox® for a variety of reasons. They tend to be more concerned about their appearance as compared to previous generations, and the rise of reality TV has made them even more aware of cosmetic enhancement options. Furthermore, teens often perceive minor blemishes as major flaws and wish to correct them, or they aren’t happy with their appearance and feel Botox can be of help.

Good or Bad?

While most people assume Botox is bad for teens, this isn’t necessarily the case. Most facial plastic surgeons and cosmetic physicians will not provide it for teens, as teenage bodies and skin are still developing and maturing. However, in some rare cases, it can be utilized; yet, this is on a case by case basis, which is determined by certain medical conditions, lifestyle, environment, and the true condition of the teen’s skin. Ultimately, Botox among teens purely for aesthetic purposes is not recommended. As teens move into young-adulthood and reach their early 20’s, Botox use and its considerations do change, and in some cases can be used as “preventative” measures for premature aging of the skin.

Will Doctors Provide Botox for Teens?

Most treating physicians and cosmetic surgeons will not provide Botox treatments for patients under the age of 21. Even for patients in their early 20’s, its use for aesthetic purposes may still be inappropriate and premature, depending on the patient’s situation and cosmetic needs. At the same time, there are those who will provide it for teens who are showing severe signs of premature aging due to sun exposure and other conditions where wrinkles and heavy folds are starting to prominently affect their appearance.

Two of the major benefits of using Botox for teens are that it’s noninvasive compared to other cosmetic treatments, and its cost is a lot more affordable. These days, teens who are interested in Botox will need to – along with a parent or legal guardian - consult a facial plastic surgeon, like Dr. Patt in Houston, to determine his/her stance on utilizing it with teens, as well as to what degree it will be administered.

Use with Certain Medical Conditions

In most situations where teens are treated with Botox, the cases are due to a doctor’s recommendation for effectively treating specific medical conditions. For example, some teens and young adults have frequent migraine headaches, ones that occur 15 or more days of the month, and which can be debilitating. When other treatments have failed to provide relief, doctors will provide Botox treatments. This doesn’t happen often, but since it’s an FDA approved option for treating migraines safely and effectively, it is commonly used as such.

Botox also benefits those who suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition in which they sweat excessively. In teens however, excessive sweating could be temporary due to hormonal changes as they continue to develop. As such, physicians are cautious and thorough when it comes to confirming if a teen patient is truly suffering from severely over-active sweat glands, or if it’s part of their development prior to recommending Botox as a treatment option. In any of these cases, the treatment option will effectively help improve the quality of life for teen patients.

Botox Houston

Dr. Patt of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery recognizes the benefits of Botox for individuals of all ages in certain situations. However, like most surgeons, a thorough examination and consultation is required to determine if patients under the age of 21 will benefit from certain cosmetic procedures. Dr. Patt provides many non-surgical procedures geared towards treating aging skin conditions. Teens primarily don’t have to deal with aging skin, but may suffer from severe acne and blotchy skin, all of which can be effectively treated.

Just as Dr. Patt provides patients with realistic expectations regarding different treatments, he sits down with parents and teens to determine the best course of action. Call us for an appointment at tel:281-552-8111 and freely discuss with Dr. Patt what may be best for your teen. Also, feel free to schedule a consultation online today.

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