Growth Factor Products in Skincare: What are they? Which Are The Best?

The skin is the human body's largest organ that provides substantial protection against bacteria and ultraviolet rays and helps the body retain moisture and water. As we age, our bodies begin losing the natural...

By Sandy Fridge, LME | 25 July 2022 |

Tags: growth factors

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Collagen As We Age: Role, Signs, Procedures, Products, and Preventative Measures

If you want to improve your skin's elasticity and maintain a youthful skin texture and complexion, you cannot ignore the role of collagen in your body. Collagen, when taken in the form of supplements, can also...

By Sandy Fridge, LME | 17 June 2022 |

Tags: collagen

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Permanent Laser Hair Removal: Process, Results, and Cost

If you want to avoid the cumbersome ritual of waxing or shaving unwanted hair, the easiest way to remove hair from your body is by using a permanent laser hair removal procedure.

By Sandy Fridge, LME | 30 May 2022 |

Tags: Laser Hair Removal

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Acne Scars Removed: The SkinPen Treatment

Acne often affects teenagers, nearly 90 percent of this population will experience acne, though it can begin during pre-teen years and carry into adulthood. Symptoms present as large, red bumps to uninflamed...

By Sandy Fridge, LME | 26 May 2022 |

Tags: adult acne, acne

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