The numbers in teenage rhinoplasty procedures are increasing along with cosmetic surgery's overall growing popularity. One of the fastest-growing patient age groups in America is those between the ages of 13 and 19. Teens who desire cosmetic procedures need some special considerations, and a few different factors make them good candidates for these types of procedures, making these 10 numbers a must read.

1. Teens currently make up about 2% of the total plastic surgery clientele, and this number is projected to increase within the next decade.
2. The most popular procedure among both male and female teens is rhinoplasty, which makes up approximately 45% of the total teen plastic surgeries performed each year.
3. Other common procedures include breast augmentation, ear surgeries, and liposuction.

Age is an important factor when considering who is a good candidate for teenage rhinoplasty procedures.

4. The nasal bones typically don't fully finish growing until the ages of 14 or 15 in most teens.
5. Some of the most common reasons for teenage rhinoplasty include removing a bump on the nasal bridge, straightening a slightly crooked nose, or making changes to the size of the nostrils.
6. A large number of teens report that they choose plastic surgery at young ages in order to increase their self-esteem and confidence levels.

Performing teenage rhinoplasty at these younger ages has a higher risk of complications as the bones can grow and change shape after the procedure. For this reason, many cosmetic surgeons will only perform rhinoplasties on teens that are at least 16 years old.

Some teens who need to undergo corrective surgery for deviated septums also opt to have rhinoplasty done at the same time.

7. According to some of the latest available statistics, over 200,000 teen cosmetic procedures are performed each year.
8. Approximately 35,000 teenage rhinoplasty procedures are completed on patients under the age of 19.
9. About 8,500 teen girls aged 18 or 19 get breast augmentation procedures per year, and this percentage is expected to increase by about 3% each year for the next few years.
10. Over 4,000 breast reduction surgeries are also performed on teen patients each year.

Reputable cosmetic surgeons require teen candidates for breast enlargement to be at least 18 years of age. Teens desiring a cosmetic procedure, along with their parents or guardians, are encouraged to consider the decision carefully and research experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeons to perform the procedures. Teen candidates are also advised to discuss their choice with their primary care doctors as well as with their adult guardians.

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