Although most people are generally happy with the body and face they were born with, almost everyone would like to make a few changes here and there. We all want to look younger, stronger, and feel better about ourselves. With technology today, we can actually do something about it. Even something as simple as changing your nose can make a huge difference. Most major cities have clinics where plastic surgery operations are conducted. If you are looking to have a nose job Houston has some fine facilities and doctors like Bradford S. Patt MD who perform them.

Celebrities Who Have Had Nose Jobs

A nose job, also known as rhinoplasty, is usually the first choice for starlets and celebrities wishing to change themselves for the better. Countless celebrities have undergone rhinoplasty procedures, many of them young and already beautiful actresses, seeking to improve their already striking features.

Jennifer Aniston is one such celebrity. She admitted to having her procedure done on an episode of 'The Actors Studio' in 2011. Although she claimed it was a procedure to fix a broken nose, it was in fact rhinoplasty.

Jennifer Lopez told People magazine in 2013 she has never had any plastic surgery or Botox. Looking at before and after photos it's obvious she has changed dramatically. She looks nothing like her days of being a dancer on 'In Living Color'.

Ashlee Simpson's father told Fox News there was 'a real problem with her breathing and that was cured.' He was referring to her nose improvement surgery. The before and after pictures show a stunning difference and vast improvement. Not only did her looks improve, her breathing problem was also resolved.

Britney Spears has undergone rhinoplasty, but it was done very subtly. She wanted to keep it as secret as possible, and didn't want fans or media obsessing over it. Her doctor basically made a smaller version of her natural nose, keeping it the same but reducing the size. It almost went totally unnoticed.

Although Kate Middleton has never had rhinoplasty surgery performed on her, she makes our list because there has been a huge upsurge in the amount of women, 25-40 years old, requesting to have a nose just like hers. Some clinics even have a file of various pictures of Kate Middleton's nose. Women want the regal, refined, and strong look that they feel her nose gives her.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Nose jobs enhance the features of the face, and the proportions of your nose. It can also help physical impairments, improve the nose profile, and augment the tip as well as the bridge. Hook noses, noses that protrude too far out, oversized nostrils, and even nasal symmetry can all be improved through rhinoplasty.

Anyone can follow the celebrities lead and improve their looks. You don't have to be rich and famous to do it. Regular people are doing it all the time. For a professional nose job Houston is a well-known and respected city in the plastic surgery industry. Be a celebrity and make the call. Contact Dr. Patt's office for your consultation today!

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