Numerous celebrities choose to undergo plastic surgery in an effort to improve their appearance. Some try to change the look of their eyes, chin, breasts, or almost any body part which they believe aren't satisfactory. The most common procedure by far among the stars seems to be rhinoplasty. This is more commonly known as a nose job. Jennifer Aniston, Shia LaBeouf, Ashlee Simpson, and Blake Lively are just a few of the long list of celebrities who have had nose jobs. These ones were successful, and the recipients extremely happy with the result. Not all celebrities are so fortunate.

One of the most botched nose jobs of all time, may have been performed on Olympian Bruce Jenner. After winning gold in the 1976 Olympics, the triathlon champion decided to get a nose job and a facelift. Looking at the before and after pictures, it's blatantly obvious the surgery didn't go as planned. In his mid-30's and quite handsome, Jenner made the decision that would change his life forever, but not in the way he had hoped. The surgery totally changed his appearance, losing the looks that made him attractive. It also resulted in the loss of many of his masculine features. Even he has admitted that his surgery is comparable to that of Michael Jackson's. Since then, Jenner has undergone several procedures to try and repair the damage, but has been unsuccessful.

Rhinoplasty is a common, yet challenging, surgery. The aim of the surgeon is to create a natural looking and well-proportioned nose, compared to the rest of the facial features. This should be achieved without sacrificing the patient's ability to smell or breathe. There are various types of nose jobs, with different surgeries for different aims. Some people want a smaller nose, some bigger. Others may wish a thinner or wider nose. Whatever the desire, the doctor should discuss exactly what the patient wants in length before the surgery, and how they plan on achieving that result. For people seeking rhinoplasty Houston has some of the finest plastic surgeons in the world. There are top notch clinics located here with qualified doctors who are the best in the business.

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of the surgeons in Houston. They use cutting edge 3D images, designed to show the patient exactly how they will look when it is done. They meet with the patients several times before, to explain all the benefits, risks, and answer any questions or concerns the recipient may have. They will go over before and after pictures of patients who have already undergone similar procedures, to show them the way their new face will look. They use only the latest technology and the most advanced surgical techniques.

The nose is important to the entire structure of the face. If the surgery is botched, it can impact the appearance of the chin, lips and jaw. Just ask Bruce Jenner. To get the best rhinoplasty Houston is the place to go. That's where you can find Dr. Patt, who is certified, well-respected and renowned for his cosmetic treatments. Customer satisfaction is his top priority. Contact us today to see a doctor who is truly an expert.

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