Cellulite is a common problem among women who typically seek out various treatments in their determination to eliminate its unsightliness. It's commonly found on the thighs and buttocks areas of the body; but also on the abdomen and upper arms, making the skin surface look like an orange peel. Women of all ages have some amount of cellulite in these areas. Cellulite is the result of subcutaneous fat that herniates within the fibrous connective tissue, and results from different factors. Cellulite could be caused by a change in metabolism, hormonal or genetic factors, and inflammation, among many other reasons. Most men aren't affected by cellulite, so it's more of a woman's issue.

Cosmetic Botox is seen by many as a miracle anti-aging product. Many celebrities have Botox injections regularly to ensure a youthful appearance. Administered by doctors, Botox is used to fade out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and even prevent them from developing altogether. It works by paralyzing the muscles, or prohibiting them from contracting. It can take up to two weeks after treatment to see the full results. Its most common use is to soften the lines between the eyebrows, but it's also popular for treating crow's feet and forehead lines. Lip lines can also fade with Botox. Regardless of the area treated, effects last between four and six months.

As for Botox Houston, doctors don't recommend this as a viable treatment for cellulite because cellulite is not a muscle, nor is it related to muscle activity. Therefore, in finding a doctor to treat cellulite, beware of those who tell patients what they want to hear. Instead, find a reputable doctor that's truthful and ethical, and who can recommend the best options available. There are other options that can improve the appearance of cellulite, and a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon can help you better understand them. Some treatments involve lasers and radio waves--applying heat to thicken and firm the skin while melting the underlying fat.

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cellulite, Cosmetic Surgery

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