Runner's face is a condition that many athletes worry about. As a result of exercising, some individuals can end up with a face that is bony and skeletal in appearance, due to the loss of fatty tissue. As this tissue is lost, a loss of volume also occurs and brings about this appearance. The bones appear more prominent, the skin becomes laxer, and wrinkles deepen. Combine this with the hours spent outdoors, often without sunscreen, and the wrinkles may increase in number as well. A cosmetic surgery procedure may be of help in reversing these blemishes, yet athletes need to consider all options before determining which is right for their needs.

The Desired Appearance

What many people fail to realize is fuller cheeks are typically associated with a younger appearance. In the past, doctors often filled in smiles and fine lines on the face, yet patients weren't obtaining the desired results. When the shift moved to filling in the cheeks, however, patients were happier with the outcomes. As volume is added to the cheeks, the lines around the mouth tend to be lifted, yet the end result is a softer, more natural appearance. With the help of facial fillers, patients obtain the desired look but experience very little swelling, bruising, or lengthy recovery times. Furthermore, when fillers are used in the cheeks, they tend to last for up to a year, since this part of the face experiences little movement. Another benefit is the fillers stimulate the skin to produce more collagen.

Does Exercise Affect the Longevity of Facial Fillers?

One concern is exercise will reduce the benefits of Botox and/or facial fillers, yet this doesn't appear to be the case. Although some doctors worry the higher metabolic rate seen in exercise enthusiasts and athletes will lead to the fillers breaking down more rapidly, no studies have supported this theory. Some people do tend to need repeat treatments more frequently, but this could be due to a number of things, not simply their level of exercise.

Fillers and Confidence

The majority of patients report they experience a boost in confidence following a facial filler treatment. This increase may also impact other areas of their lives, such as their athletic performance. Although one doesn't hear about Olympic athletes and their use of fillers of this type, it's possible some have opted for this treatment to maintain their youthful appearance while training and competing.

Facial Fillers to Consider

Restylane and Perlane are dermal fillers designed to add volume to the patient's skin. As hyaluronic acid in the skin diminishes, wrinkles and folds tend to appear. Both treatments provide a natural, more youthful look. Sculptra replaces collagen lost during the aging process and produces results over a period of time. This treatment may last for as long as two years. Juvederm, in contrast, produces immediate results and adds volume to the skin to produce a smoother skin texture.

Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers a variety of procedures designed to help with this and other common conditions. While dermal fillers may work for one person, another individual may need a completely different treatment. For this reason, it's best to make an appointment with Dr. Patt who specializes in these types of treatments, and can best determine which solution is best for you, as opposed to making use of a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

Although many people wonder about Olympic athletes, the effects their training has on their bodies, skin, and more, there are remedies. Anyone who works out regularly and experiences similar problems can find a solution that meets their unique needs. Connect with us today!

August 10 2016 |

Cosmetic Surgery, facial fillers

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