Every year in America, more than 125,000 women and men decide to do something about the obvious signs of aging on their faces. They want to eliminate those wrinkles, tighten sagging skin and redefine their jaw lines. Although lotions, facial exercises and nonsurgical treatments such as Botox help temporarily, an actual facelift guarantees a longer lasting youthful appearance.

A plastic surgeon takes the time to do a thorough examination and makes sure the patient understands facelift procedures and has realistic expectations. This qualified specialist will take into account skin type and elasticity, basic bone structure and healing abilities before promising results. Although a rhytidectomy is a fast, safe and effective procedure, it is still invasive surgery that must be performed by a certified doctor.

There are variations on the facelift procedure:

  • Traditional facelifts require an incision along the temples in front of the ears and then around the ears in order to reposition the layer of facial muscle and removed extra skin
  • S-lift procedures require only a small incision just at the hairline in front of the ear in order to lift the skin and access the muscle layer for tightening toward the ear
  • Four-dimensional facelifts include traditional procedures plus a restoration of support structures underneath the skin allowing for remodeling cheeks, necks and earlobes

As with any kind of elective surgery, potential candidates for a face lift should do their research including a consultation with the surgeon. You can schedule a consultation with Dr. Patt here. Such a discussion includes expected results, available options, recovery time and fees. When patients do their homework and have confidence in their surgeon, they are usually very pleased with the tight skin, smoothed crow's feet and well defined cheekbones and jawlines they see in the mirror after their facelift.


September 29 2014 |

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