Now that the holiday season is kicking into high gear, it is time to make your gift list and make sure you look your absolute best. Holidays bring get-togethers, parties, and special events where memories will be made and photographs will be taken. For special people on your gift list and as a treat for yourself, nothing beats the gift of laser hair removal services.

Laser hair removal can help you or those on your gift list stay hair free and worry free during the holiday season and beyond. Offering a lasting solution to embarrassing and unwanted hair anywhere on the body or face, laser removal gives smooth, hair free results and freedom from shaving, waxing and other hair removal methods that only offer temporary results.

Laser hair removal is unique in that it removes hair below the surface of the skin by destroying the hair follicle. A specialized laser is used to penetrate beneath the skin's surface to kill hair and its root to prevent its regrowth. Over the course of several treatments, the hair that regrows will be much thinner and finer and after a full series of treatments, the hair follicle will be completely destroyed. Once the follicle is destroyed, hair will not grow back and you will enjoy permanent, hair-free results. The number of treatments needed to achieve permanent hair-free results are determined by hair density, texture and the area of the body, but an average series of treatments range from six to nine sessions.

Not only does laser offer permanent results, it is a safe procedure that has produced terrific results for thousands of people. Both men and women can enjoy the freedom of being hair free and confident after a series of laser treatments and the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to give the gift of smooth, hair free skin to yourself or someone you love.

In an area like Houston where we enjoy warm climates year round, being free from unwanted and embarrassing hair on your face or body means you are free to wear anything you like without worry or without spending hours every month shaving or going to waxing appointments. For effective laser hair removal Houston residents need a qualified, knowledgeable technician they can rely on to do the job right. You can trust our services since they are performed by a plastic surgeon who fully understands both the technical and aesthetic results you are looking for and expect.

As the holidays grow closer and gift giving and celebrations kick into full swing, take the opportunity to give the gift of laser hair removal to yourself and those on your gift list who live with unwanted hair. Long after the holiday season is over and winter turns to spring, your holiday gift of laser hair removal will be even more appreciated and enjoyed. Call us today to learn more about our services, schedule your consultation appointment and give the gift of hair free skin this holiday season.

December 02 2014 |

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