Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in America. Some of the plastic surgery procedures that registered growth in the US in 2013 include liposuction (16.3%), eyelid surgery (5.4%), breast augmentation (5.2%), nose surgery (2.9%), and tummy tuck (2.3%). This is according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Overall, the ASAPS says that cosmetic procedures experienced a 12% growth in 2013 alone, with patients spending a staggering $12 billion over this time period.

Reasons Why Americans Are Turning To Cosmetic Surgery

To start with, technological advances in the field of cosmetic surgery have made most plastic surgery procedures less invasive and more precise, too. As a result, the recovery times have also fallen dramatically, meaning patients can return to their normal routines after just a few days of rest and recovery. Secondly, Jack Fisher, MD and president of ASAPS, says improved and greater cosmetic surgery accessibility has made it popular among Americans. Thirdly, a growing and stable economy has increased the amount of disposable income in the pockets of Americans and a good number of them are increasingly spending some of this money on various cosmetic procedures. In fact, a report published by ASAPS states that the number of cosmetic procedures started to tick upwards significantly in 2012 as economic indicators like real estate, auto, and retail sales improved. Fourthly, some cosmetic surgery procedures, such as a nose job, have become attractive to a large number of the American population. It is also worth noting that physicians from four medical specialties, plastic surgery, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, and dermatology, can perform these procedures, according to a report published by the MarketWatch. As such, if you intend to age a nose job Houston has a large pool of medical experts with the ability to perform the surgery.

Plastic Surgery Procedures by Demographics

The same figures published by ASAPS show that women constitute the largest portion (90.6%) of Americans who get plastic surgery. In 2013, for example, plastic surgeons performed more than 10.3 million procedures on female clients. Top procedures across the female demographic include buttock augmentation, Labiaplasty, liposuction, breast lift, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck. In comparison, men underwent more than one million procedures over the same period. Top procedures across the male demographic include eyelid surgery, male breast reduction, liposuction, ear surgery, and nose surgery.

How Americans Gather Information on Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Americans are increasingly using web-based resources to carry out research on cosmetic procedures. This is according to Tom Seery, founder and CEO of RealSelf, who notes that his website registered impressive growth year-over-year as Americans gathered information on procedures like breast augmentation. To be precise, searchers involving liposuction increased 76%, breast augmentation 62%, eyelid surgery 58%, tummy tuck 48%, and rhinoplasty 53%. These figures show that many Americans are interested in having various parts of their bodies sculpted surgically.


Cosmetic surgery is currently experiencing a boom in America as more and more Americans seek to alter their looks. Of course, surgeons can also perform this type of surgery for reconstructive purposes. Still, many Americans are unable to have adequate access to plastic surgery services due to lack of sufficient insurance coverage, according to the ASAPS.

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