Most adults associate hair loss conditions with men. However, patterned baldness and thinning hair can affect both sexes; and women struggling with this issue may also find that their self-esteem is significantly impacted. Thankfully, there is hope available through various modern treatment options for effectively restoring healthy hair. The first step, however, involves determining the cause of hair loss through a physician’s consultation.

Common Causes

Certain medications can especially lead to loss of hair in women. Antidepressants, birth control, certain blood pressure meds, and steroids have all been linked to temporary hair loss or thinning. Also, ladies suffering from medical conditions like thyroid imbalance, and those who have low vitamin D or iron levels may also find they are shedding hair. Women love to try new hairstyles, but excessive styling can lead to hair loss also. Moreover, hormonal changes in the body, such as those which occur during pregnancy or years leading up to menopause, can lead to further loss. The same is true concerning those who have experienced traumatic life events.

Determining Treatment Plans

To obtain treatment for hair loss or thinning hair, women must 1st consult with a physician like Dr. Bradford Patt, and seek medical consultation to find the underlying cause. For example, dietary deficiencies as a cause may require simply supplementing with vitamin D, iron, or other hair-growth promoting supplements, to resolve the issue. In addition, scalp circulation or lack of follicle stimulation could be the cause. In these cases, there are laser procedures, shampoos, and various hair-care products that can be effective. Medication side-effects and more serious causes like patterned baldness, androgenetic alopecia, or side effects from certain cancers, may require treatments like hair transplantation or medication changes as options.  In all cases, seeing a physician is always best for determining what can be done, as well as what combined treatment options are available, to restore healthy hair growth.

Consult with One of Houston’s Best

When it comes to healthy hair restoration, Dr. Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery offers various options for women, and men, dealing with this condition. There are procedures such as scalp reduction and hair transplantation that are proven effective.  With so many options and combinations available, and through advanced medical technology, healthy hair restoration is possible and even less invasive compared to years’ back. As such, women don’t have to suffer any longer. Consulting with Dr. Patt means women can receive precise education about their condition, and a professional medical recommendation best suited to their needs.

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 By Bradford S Patt, MD

May 18 2017 |

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