People all over the world lose hair. In fact, losing up to 100 hair strands daily is normal, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. But, if you notice your hair is thinning out or you have bald patches, chances are you could be struggling with hair loss.

Hereditary hair loss is the most common reason for losing hair and in the U.S., around 80 million women and men struggle with this type of hair loss.

This type of hair loss goes by several names which are:

  • Androgenetic alopecia

  • Female-pattern baldness

  • Male-pattern baldness

Fortunately, most hair loss cases are treatable and can be halted. But which procedure should you go for: NeoGraft hair transplant in Houston or the Bosley Hair Transplant procedure?


Neograft vs Bosley - What's the Difference?

NeoGraft® s a device your hair transplant surgeon uses to perform follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplantation. Bosley, in contrast, isn't a method of hair transplantation, but rather offers hair transplant services in various clinics all over the U.S.

Board certified plastic surgeons, like Dr. Bradford S. Patt, MD FACS, prefer the Neograft procedure due to its:

  • Natural looking results

  • Flexibility of long or short hairstyles

  • Fewer complications

  • Shorter recovery time

  • Local anesthesia (no intramuscular or intravenous sedation

While Bosley hair restoration centers offer a number of methods for individuals suffering from hair loss, it might not necessarily provide a board certified surgeon. It's a "chain" hair surgery with offices all over the U.S. that offer strip procedures and only a few offer FUE.

Plus, the quality of result you get from a Bosley center depends on the individual surgeon doing the procedure and not dependent on the entire brand. Each office has different staff members so the quality of their procedures will range between offices.

An important part of any hair transplant or restoration service is that you get to know the surgeon who will be performing the procedure. It’s important to meet your surgeon in advance and discuss your goals. They should also inform you of the benefits and limitations of the procedure.

In the past few years, FUE procedures have gained popularity due to robotic technology advances, like Neograft. The main benefit with FUE utilizing Neograft is it leaves no linear scar and allows for hairstyle flexibility in the future. Bosley doesn't use robotic technology.


See Before and After Photos of Some of Our Hair Restoration Patients

Before and After Hair Restoration Photos

Benefits of the Neograft Transplant Procedure

The commitment of Neograft and improving the outcomes for each patient helped with the collaboration with leading aesthetic surgeons. Neograft is designed to be far more than a device with decades of data and next-generation surgical methods.

The Neograft tool was designed with the purpose and idea of providing surgeons with a more natural, hand-fitting tool. It feels less like a tool or device — and more like the surgeon's own fingers. This provides the surgeon with a more accurate vantage point and natural feel to performing the procedure.

The advantages of Neograft far extend the tool itself.  The main benefits of the Neograft procedure are:

  • There's no scalpel involved with little-to-no discomfort.

  • There's no staples or stitches.

  • It's a minimally invasive technique.

  • There's no linear scar, it provides you with a natural-looking hairline.

  • There's a quick recovery time after the procedure, patients often resume their normal activity in just a few days, not weeks.

Essentially, the technology used for the Neograft procedure makes for a more comfortable and easier procedure and recovery with better outcomes.

Below are some of the benefits of the Neograft hair restoration procedure in more detail:

More Natural Look

The surgeon can calibrate the Neograft tool to match the harvested follicles' depth with the precise depth they were positioned beforehand, creating more natural looking results. With other devices, a large percent of graft sites will heal with visible small white dots.

Using Neograft, when the surgeon closes up the surgery site, it won't leave a scar and will blend with your hair pattern so it's unnoticeable. After the Neograft procedure though, you can style and cut your hair without having to worry if others can see you had the transplant done.

On the other hand, when it comes to the traditional strip method, the surgeon has to remove a portion of your scalp completely. Once they remove this strip of tissue, they need to close up the wound. This not only presents discomfort during the wound healing process, it also leaves a visible scar.

Less Invasive Procedure

The FUE hair transplant procedure is non-surgical. Since there's less nerve and blood vessel damage, you're in and out faster than with a standard transplant procedure. And, again, being a minimally invasive procedure, Neograft provides you with less discomfort and pain and less scarring.

Your scalp stays intact throughout the whole Neograft process. The handpiece the surgeon uses in the Neograft procedure allows them to extract individual follicular units with minimal injury to both the donor site and the follicle.

More Successful Results

The Neograft procedure makes the process of hair transplantation more successful too. The collection process in the procedure is innovative and customized specifically for each individual, improving each graft's viability.

Generally, a larger percentage of hair regrowth gets rid of the need to shave for the process of extracting the grafts, reducing the cost per graft. Patients also have fewer chances of requiring future procedures since each Neograft treatment transplants nearly twice the follicle amount than the strip method.

With traditional strip surgery, the tissue the surgeon removes needs to be cut various times so they can isolate individual follicles they will be implanting in the implantation site.  Because of the amount of manipulation that's called for in the procedure, it minimizes the follicles' health significantly and decreases the success of implantation.

On the flip side, with Neograft, there are minimal manipulation and handling of the follicular units during the process. This results in a significantly decreased risk of tissue injury and increases your odds of successful implantation and further down the road, hair growth.

Almost All Patients are Candidates

Basically, there are no notable limitations and anyone who is looking to add fuller hair or restore it may benefit from Neograft. While there are various procedures specific to men, women also struggle with hair loss.

Both women and men lose their hair for different reasons too. In many cases, women experience diffused thinning (alopecia) in different scalp areas, while men usually experience distinct patterns of baldness, impacting certain scalp areas (usually the top). And, while men tend to lose their hair more often due to heredity, they may also lose hair because of:

  • Disease

  • Stress

  • Medication

Because there is no visible scar line with Neograft, individuals who would like to wear their hair very short and the sides are candidates for Neograft. On the other hand, because there is a scar line with traditional hair transplant with Bosley, people who desire to wear their hair short, are not typically the best candidates for Bosley due to the linear scar.

Quicker Recovery

An added advantage to Neograft's less invasive nature is faster healing and recovery post-treatment. The procedure by itself is faster. These factors help to ensure fewer treatment complications and less risk. Neograft patients generally resume normal activities faster — typically the following day.

Around three to four months after your procedure, your natural hair will continue growing normally. Continued natural hair growth isn't always something you see in other treatment techniques.  

Schedule Your Neograpft Hair Restoration Consultation Procedure with Dr. Patt in Houston

Neograft is a breakthrough for both women and men who are looking to restore their own natural hair. The ultimate goal of Neograft is that you end up with a healthier, fuller head of hair with no linear scarring and only natural looking results. Call Dr. Patt today at (281) 649-7170 for your Neograft hair transplant consultation or click here to request a consultation today!

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