Usually, when people have an additional roll of fatty tissue beneath their chin, it is because they are overweight. Also, the skin might lose its' elasticity and sag beneath the chin, due to aging. For some people, the problem is genetic. Thankfully, there are lots of painless and affordable home treatments available to eliminate double chins. Suffice to say though, you should also reduce surplus weight with correct exercise and diet. Your daily intake of calories should be enough to give you energy, but sufficiently low enough to allow you to lose excess fat.

Sit up straight, then bend your head back fully. Gradually open and shut your mouth. This exercise can be repeated as often as you wish, providing it does not cause you discomfort. Use a tennis ball under your chin to offer some resistance, and you ought to notice a marked improvement in your appearance.

Standard neck massages using wheat germ oil are another excellent method for eliminating double chins. Wheat germ oil contains vitamin E, which replenishes the skin and makes it become tighter. Prior to going to sleep, gently massage some of this oil round the area of your chin. Carefully rub in an upward direction - from the bottom of your neck to your chin for about quarter of an hour. Do not wash your skin until the following day. Do this frequently and your double chin will diminish before you know it.

Apart from exercise and massage, non-surgical injectables can be helpful too. Kybella (which used to be called ATX-101) is one such product. Many people have successfully used this to significantly reduce the fatty tissue under the chin. Kybella has a naturally occurring molecule in it, which burns fat away. When correctly injected, all the other cells in your body are left intact and unharmed.

November 12 2015 |

Eliminate Double Chins, Kybella

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