Laser hair removal is popular because it is effective, long-lasting, and produces excellent results. Before you decide if this is the right approach for you, you may want more information. One example, is how many treatments you will need for obtaining the results you want.

On average, between four and eight treatments are needed in order to see effective hair removal results. The treatments are generally spaced between four and eight weeks apart. After these sessions have produced the results you want, you will be advised to return for annual treatments to stay hair-free.

The reason why more initial treatments are needed, is because during the first 3-4 sessions, the laser will only affect the hair that is currently growing. At each treatment, new hair growth will be removed. However, after 5 or more treatments on a specific skin surface area, the effect of the laser’s heat will start to paralyze the hair follicles and keep them from producing new hair over a 6-12 month time period.

A number of factors influence how quickly the process is completed. These factors include, how coarse the hair is, the natural hair color, and your skin type. In addition, skin tone can also affect the process. If you have a suntan, or have used a tanning product, you should wait for the tan to wear off before requesting laser hair removal. Your treatments will not be as effective when you have this extra pigment in your skin.

Ultimately, the laser process can eliminate unwanted hair from your arms, face, legs, armpits, and the bikini area. It is safe, pain-free, and does not produce side effects. The long-lasting results make laser hair removal the method that is preferred over shaving and depilatories. Unlike tweezing and waxing, there is no pain involved; thereby, making it is a simple way to remove excess hair, so your skin is smooth, healthy, and attractive.

When the procedure is performed by a trained professional practitioner, those few sessions will be your start to a lifetime of beautiful, hair-free skin. And, you’ll only need a yearly touch-up to maintain this desired effect.

November 13 2015 |

Effective Hair Removal Results, Laser Hair Removal

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