While some decisions can be complicated, the choice to have a facelift doesn’t have to be. With advances in accessibility, medical technique, and modern safety procedures, patients are seeing better results than ever before. However, these advancements alone aren’t always reassuring enough for some patients to opt for a facelift Houston. Read about four of the biggest concerns that patients have about rhytidectomy and other facial plastic surgery procedures; and then learn the realistic facts behind these fear-factors.

Fear #1   The Concept of Surgery

Unfounded fears are a big reason why many patients avoid cosmetic procedures, even if they really want the results. Fortunately, the same free access to information that brings the worst horror stories also provides ways for patients to allay their fears. While a certified cosmetic surgeon is a great source of information before and after a procedure, there are many online information sources as well. Ultimately, speaking with a friend or relative who has had surgery, and consulting with a plastic surgeon is your best bet.

Fear #2   Financial Concerns

Another main reason people avoid a facelift is its perceived high cost. While plastic surgery certainly isn’t cheap, it has become more affordable over the past few years. These days, many physicians and surgeons offer financing options, which makes the decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure a more sensible one.

Fear #3   Artificial Appearance

Today’s cosmetic surgeons are renowned for their aesthetic sensibilities, and their ability to offer more natural and realistic-looking results. While an artificial appearance is a legitimate concern that should be discussed with the doctor, a board-certified plastic surgeon can achieve results through mutually agreeable expectations and frank conversation.

Fear #4   Limited Time To Recover

Most people are already under pressure due to family and work obligations, and the idea of taking a few days or weeks off from work to recover is not a popular one. A preliminary consultation with a surgeon should include limits on recovery time, as well as recommendations on appropriate procedures. Most of today’s most common and minimal procedures, such as a facelift, do not require overnight hospital stays or lengthy recovery periods; and many people are surprised just how time-efficient plastic surgery can be. However, recovery time ultimately depends on the nature of the facelift, and the health of the patient.

In the end, the decision rests on the patient. Patients should do their homework, gather information from a variety of reputable sources, and consult with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon before making a choice. By following these steps, patients can ensure an informed decision about having a facelift, have less fear and more confidence, and experience a positive outcome.

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November 22 2016 |

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