Here are 5 plastic surgery procedures for men you probably haven't heard of, but actually exist.

1. Scrotoplasty - Excess skin is removed and tightened to lift the testicles.

2. Pectoralis Plasty - Basically this is pec implants. Silicone implants are inserted under the skin of the chest to make you appear to have very defined and muscular pecs.

3. Lipo-etching - This procedure will give you those 6-pack abs you've always wanted by sucking out fat in between the ab muscles.

4. Follicular Unit Extraction / Grafting - Always wanted chest hair but don't grow it very well? A plastic surgeon can remove hair from elsewhere on the body and implant it on your chest.

5. Phalloplasty - This procedure is meant to enlarge the penis. The penis is lengthened by loosening the the ligament connecting the penis to the pelvic bone.


January 27 2014 |

Plastic Surgery

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