Lip fillers are a highly effective way to add or restore volume to the lips, structure, and shape to thin lips. Some people are simply born with thin lips, while others experience thinning as part of the natural aging process.


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Regardless of the reason, lip filling is the most affordable and safest non-surgical procedure used to enhance a person's lips. Other types of lip enhancement such as dermal fillers, lip implants, and lip lifts are more invasive and typically less desired when compared to the advantages of lip fillers. Here are the top 5 lip filler benefits to get fuller, perky lips.

1. Enhanced Appearance

For most people, the greatest benefit of lip fillers is the appearance of fuller lips. Fuller lips can make a person look and feel younger. For ladies who may not be completely happy with certain facial features, one simple way to gain personal confidence is to consider having lip fillers. The improvement to their appearance can also help boost their self-confidence in professional and social situations. Tips and makeup tutorials abound, but they only provide short-term, subtle results. If a woman wants to enhance her lips for the long term to feel more confident at work and at home, lip fillers are a good option.

2. Natural Fullness

Products like Juvederm® lip fillers provide a natural look because they are made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally produced by the body. Since it's natural, hyaluronic acid is less likely to cause bruising. The filler is naturally absorbed and needs to be replaced approximately every six months to maintain the plumpness of the lips.

Houston lip filler before and after - lip filler benefits3. Gradual Progression

Natural fillers can be given over a period of time to produce the optimum result. This option is particularly appealing to people who were born with thin lips and aren't exactly sure how they will look when their lips are fuller. Over the course of several appointments, a patient can get their lips to the desired plumpness without the discomfort that might be associated with changing the size of an implant.

4. Little to No Side-Effects

Allergic reactions and side-effects are extremely rare when it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers. It's important for a potential patient to discuss their known allergies, or medication regimen, at the initial consultation to ensure the clinic chooses the proper filler. If there's a chance a person might be allergic to the ingredients in the filler, a doctor might first perform a test by injecting a small amount into the patient's arm.


5. Lip Filler Recovery is Fast

Most people who have lip fillers are able to resume all of the normal activities just one day after the procedure. It is essentially an “in and out” procedure. After the patient is prepared, the procedure typically takes 15 minutes or less. Considering the significant impact fillers can have on a person's appearance, as well their self-esteem, there's good reason to consider it prior to other cosmetic surgery options.

Lip enhancement is a very popular cosmetic procedure today. Although many cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons offer this service, it's important for those considering the procedure to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Patt, at the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery. While prices for the procedure may vary from one provider to the next, it's best to select a surgeon based on experience and patient recommendation, rather than the fees. woman getting lip Juvederm lip filler in Houston

Which Lip Filler To Choose?

There are a number of lip fillers on the market to choose from. Here at the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, we have found Juvederm to be one of the most popular facial fillers on the market. This hyaluronic acid filler is the only lip filler approved by the FDA to last up to a year, offering a long-lasting, smooth fix for wrinkles and facial folds. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, and it has the highest level of non-animal HA of any commercially available dermal filler. It is a highly effective, non-surgical option for reducing wrinkles around the lips and mouth, which can offer patients a glowing and more youthful look. 

It is also a very comfortable filler since it contains lidocaine, which offers localized pain relief, and a gel that offers a smooth consistency. Juvederm is also reversible and biodegradable in case a client is not satisfied with his or her results.

When it comes to procedures like lip enhancement, which uses a variety of techniques, patients should learn about all available options, and carefully consider doctor recommendations. When it's performed professionally, lip enhancement can have a dramatically positive impact on a person's appearance and outlook. Though facial filling isn’t right for everyone, many patients who opt for treatment are satisfied and have been able to regain a more youthful appearance.

To learn more about Juvederm and other lip filler options, schedule an appointment with one of Houston’s top facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Patt. During the consultation, he can help you determine the best available options for treating the lips and mouth. Call (281) 317-8988 today.


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Lip Fillers, Plastic Surgery

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