All of us want to be beautiful. In fact, that is the primary reason why the cosmetic industry is so successful. Facial lotions, potions and creams do have wonderful regenerative and rejuvenating effects when used correctly. Cashing in on the demand, manufacturers make thousands of new products every day and all of them have beautiful packaging, wonderful ingredients and they claim to make the most average of women into beauty queens.

However, the reality is completely different and we know it. Not all beauty products are effective and some of them are literally nothing but a mish-mash of chemicals. If you want to get the best out of your facial products, it's a far better idea to invest in a high quality aesthetic skin care range like SkinMedica.

A quality aesthetic skin care range is what makes SkinMedica so unique

The SkinMedica range is unique as it was specifically formulated to treat aging human facial skin. The range consists of over 40 different products that can be combined together to treat different types of facial skin. However, the USP of the product range is its unique chemical formulation. The products are made with a unique patented formulation of growth hormones, skin nourishing and healing gels, growth factors, topical antioxidants and retinoids to ensure skin health. The formulations are easily absorbed through the skin and are non-greasy but they are perfect for day or nightwear. Research has also shown that the products actually encourage healing and improve skin texture by pulling in moisture and ensuring hydration.

The uniqueness of the SkinMedica range along with working with a skilled physician such as Dr. Patt helps to ensure optimum results. A physician who has expertise in the facial area is qualified to evaluate the patient's skin condition and recommend medical treatments if required to rejuvenate skin.

In case, topical treatment is insufficient, the dermatologist may also recommend a facial reconstructive surgeon to improve your facial esthetics. A good facial reconstructive surgeon will evaluate your skin, underlying bone structure and body structure and carry out minor or major surgeries to add to your facial esthetics.  Of course, topical medical-grade lotions like SkinMedica are excellent to rejuvenate skin but a few skin conditions like Actinic keratosis, Melasma and Linea nigra require the intervention of a good facial reconstruction surgeon.

The best option for youthful beautiful skin is to care for it regularly by visiting Dr. Patt, eating healthy and exercising well.

Utilizing the services of a good facial reconstruction surgeon judiciously can be aesthetically pleasing and medically sound. Dr. Brad Patt in Houston, TX specializes exclusively in facial reconstructive surgery and facial plastic surgery; and, in doing so, this board certified Houston facial expert and surgeon provides the most advanced care for his patients.


November 08 2013 |

Plastic Surgery

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