We live in a visual world where a two-minute facial impression can make or break a deal. As a result, most of us are obsessed with looking good and being presentable. It is not simply a case of vanity; but, this is the way the world is and we have to live in it. However, accidents can happen at any time and facial deformities and accidents can damage your face and your body and make it very difficult for you to be social. In fact, if you do not correct the problem immediately by finding a good plastic surgeon, there is a very good chance that the defect will become permanent. Finding a good premier plastic surgeon to do a reconstructive surgery is the first thing you should do and ensure that the problem is corrected as soon as possible.

Finding the right premier plastic surgeon for the proper reconstructive surgery is no light task - all plastic surgeons are not the same and some reconstructive surgeons, like board certified reconstructive surgeon Dr. Brad Patt in Houston, TX  have many years of experience in recreating human facial features. We recommend you take the time to go through these tips that will help you find the best reconstructive premier plastic surgeon for your particular reconstructive surgery needs. So here goes.

Education and expertise in reconstructive surgery and premier plastic surgery services –

Reconstructive surgeons have a basic medical degree. After completing their medical education, they have to specialize in plastic surgery, which covers a range of cosmetic surgery procedures. After completing their general training in plastic surgery, the surgeon then specializes in reconstructive surgeries of a particular part of the body.

Then, after completing their education, the premier plastic surgeon will then sit for a board certification exam with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the American Board of Medical Specialties and any specialization boards that are involved. They may also choose to specialize by completing a medical fellowship in reconstructive surgery.

For example most facial reconstructive surgeons are fellows of the AAFPRS (American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Surgery). After completing their board certifications, the premier plastic surgeon candidate may work privately or at specialist hospitals to gain experience. On an average, most candidates have ten to twelve years of experience in their particular field.

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Plastic Surgery

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