Personal connection with a premier plastic surgeon is imperative for your confidence –

After all, rebuilding a part of your body with reconstructive surgery can be a traumatic experience. Your premier plastic surgeon should be able to identify with your requirements. He or she should be able to help you deal with the procedure by answering your queries as honestly as possible and even ask your opinion about the reconstructive surgery procedures he has planned. Most plastic surgeons will do this but a good and responsible surgeon will also let you know the risks as well as benefits and possible outcomes of the planned surgeries and they will give you information about the procedures you want. They should also show you before / after photos of the procedures they have completed and they should leave the final decision on you.

References from doctors or personal references –

There are many considerations in choosing not only a good premier plastic surgeon, but any surgeon for any reason. Reconstruction surgeons are usually extremely well known in their own field. If you know a surgeon, ask them for a specialist recommendation if they actually know one. You can also ask your personal physician or check with the dermatology department of the local hospital. The truth is that most premier plastic surgeon doctors hold each other to very high standards. They will definitely know the names of the best in every field and they will recommend the best. Even with these references, we recommend you ask each reconstruction surgeon for the names of previous patients and a portfolio of their work. This way you will be able to verify the reconstructive surgery work that was done by the premier plastic surgeon and the skill level of the doctor.

Hospital privileges 

A premier plastic surgeon has to be attached to a surgical multi-specialty hospital to be able to deal with the plastic surgery procedures. As a result, you know that they have the necessary skills and support staff to ensure a safe and effective surgery. Moreover, every hospital has an administrative department and a check / balances system that ensures that the doctor is working within the medical ethical system.

We hope that these few tips have helped you have a better insight to find a good reconstructive surgeon for your requirements.

Dr. Brad Patt –

A specialist exclusively in facial reconstructive surgery and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Patt is a board certified Houston facial plastic surgeon. Providing advanced care, Dr. Patt is well-respected and always enjoys the opportunity to consult with people searching for answers and help.

July 03 2013 |

Plastic Surgery

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