Dr. Brad Patt of the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery is board certified by The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) which was established in 1986. Its purpose is to make improvements regarding the public’s quality of medical and surgical treatment it receives. The organization accomplishes this immense task (and much more) via examinations to determine professional expertise in the specialty area of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The ABFPRS has an established mechanism for the education, qualification, training, review, and certification of surgeons who specialize in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery nationwide like Dr. Patt does here in Houston, Texas.

You can read the about history of the organization, the 100+ year history of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, the specific Board objectives and more at http://www.abfprs.org.

It is important to understand that this Board is neither an educational institution nor a licensing body; and, certificates from the Board not degrees nor legal licenses regarding the practice of any medicine including the specialty of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The Board does have many resources, has a very productive agenda and is a very prestigious organization in the medical community.

You can initiate making an appointment with Dr. Patt 24/7 on his informative and easy to use website.


February 07 2013 |

Plastic Surgery

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