Because of all the worthwhile projects and involvements it has, Dr. Patt feels it is a good use of his time to be involved in The Harris County Medical Society.  It happens to be the largest county medical society in the United States, with a membership that totals over 11,000 physicians and medical students.

This medical society was first established in 1903 and remains the professional organization for physicians in Harris County, Texas.  The governing board of the HCMS is the Executive Board of which Dr. Patt has been a member for over three years.  Additionally, he serves as the Vice President of the affiliated Houston Academy of Medicine Officers and Board of Trustees (HAM) which was incorporated by the HCMS in February 1915 for the purpose of establishing a medical library.  HAM is a scientific and charitable organization.

In addition to the medical library, there is a plethora of information on the business of medicine including practice management, legislative advocacy including state and federal alerts, health information technology, community resources, and much more.  You can learn much about and much from HCMS and HAM by visiting

January 24 2013 |

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