Dr. Brad Patt is a gifted physician who has earned and acquired high admiration and respect by other physicians; and, his patients cherish him.

That is why Dr. Patt has been named one of Houston’s “Top Docs” for the last 7 years by Texas Monthly Magazine.

Facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery is his focus as well as area of expertise; and, includes performing face lift and other facial surgery as well as providing treatments of Botox, filler, fotofacial, dermabrasion, facial peels, and Ultherapy.

Early in November 2012, Dr. Patt launched his VIP Referral Card Program which provides a $50.00 discount toward your next treatment when you refer someone who becomes a patient.  Dr. Patt launched this program at an event on Friday November 10, 2012 which provided a huge turnout at his medical practice.

The card can be used toward any the six specific treatments listed above at The Office of Dr. Bradford S. Patt (Houston Ear Nose/Throat Clinic) located at 915 Gessner, Suite 235; Houston, TX 77024.

One of the great aspects of this VIP Referral Card Program is the fact that, in addition to his skilled and successful work, it highlights Dr. Patt’s dedication to his patients.  Dr. Patt’s patients have been making high numbers of referrals to him for years.  This is Dr. Patt’s way of showing his (and his staff’s) appreciation bygiving back to them.

Though the event was highly successful, there are still a limited number of these gift cards available.

Call Dr. Patt today at 281-649-7170 or visit www.pattmd.staging.wpengine.com to make an appointment for a facial treatment and receive one of these $50.00 gift cards when you make a referral and that referral becomes a patient.

November 26 2012 |

Plastic Surgery

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