An amazing new 3-D imaging technology called the VECTRA 3-D Imaging System could change the plastic surgery industry forever. With this technology surgeons can show a patient what he or she will look like after the surgery. By capturing a 3-D image of your body surgeons can manipulate the image as they would your real body and show you what kind of results can be expected.

Dr. Peter Geldner, Chicago-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, is one of the few plastic surgeons in the country with the VECTRA 3-D Imaging System and believes that this piece of technology will change the industry.

"With this technology, we can show a patient what his or her body will look like following the desired procedure so there's no guessing about an outcome," explained Dr. Geldner.

What do you think? Would this kind of technology make you feel more comfortable about having a procedure?


April 23 2014 |

Plastic Surgery

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