As a local board certified surgeon and neighbor in Houston, I would like to take a brief opportunity to highlight exactly where reconstructive surgery tends to become a factor in one’s life.

In this medical practice, we specialize in head and neck surgery as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, but I will identify all basic areas of consideration for reconstructive surgery.

Reconstructive surgery is a very specialized corrective surgery performed to repair the body or face due to problems concerning:

  •     birth defects
  •     disease
  •     trauma

The purpose of reconstructive surgery is generally to return (or initially give) function back to (or to) the body; however, it can also be beneficial to an individual desiring to improve their appearance in some way and for some reason (particularly in the case of trauma or birth defects).

Circumstances most commonly necessitating facial reconstructive surgery include the following whether from birth defects, burns, motor vehicle accidents, sports accidents, or other trauma:

  •     Scar tissue on the facial area
  •     Cleft palate or lip
  •     Children with overly large or deformed ears
  •     Deformation of facial features (such as the nose)
  •     Removal of skin cancer and/or tumors


  •     Breast reconstruction following a mastectomy procedure
  •     Crushed bones
  •     Elbows
  •     Knees
  •     Reattachment of extremities or limbs

One of the most widespread needs for reconstructive surgery is in competitive, contact, and professional sports. Often, contact sports (like basketball, football and soccer) result in various injuries that can really only be effectively repaired by reconstructive surgery. These are injuries involving the ankle, knee, or shoulder as well as broken facial bones.

Sports injuries commonly involve cartilage, the cushion between close-fitting bones in the knee, elbow and other joints. Overusing the joints in our bodies can cause the cartilage to wear thin.  This can lead to the development of a painful and chronic condition as bones begin to rub against one another. Once this chronic pain has manifested in this way, people most often complain of a dull ache even when at rest. Quite often the only relief choices are pain medication or reconstructive surgery. Athletes in non-contact sports and even non-athletes can develop this type of injury and chronic pain.

As indicated above, my focus and area of expertise, is facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

I hope this general information is helpful and if you are considering any type of plastic or reconstructive surgery in the areas of the head, neck, or face; or, you are considering any type of facial cosmetic treatment – please contact us.  My staff will be glad to help you set up an appointment at a time that’s good for you.


August 30 2012 |

Plastic Surgery

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