Aesthetic plastic surgery, Houston included in the top ten cities of the world for the number of theses surgeries, has dramatically increased in today’s society.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) statistics show that since 1997, it has increased 197 percent. These statistics reference procedures done by a board certified plastic surgeon.

Some of the contributing factors to being named the number seven city for aesthetic plastic surgery include cosmetic surgery. Houston has a plethora of cosmetic surgeons who perform facial surgery. Among the procedures readily available (if you medically and financially qualify) and gaining in popularity are fractional laser resurfacing, intense pulsed light therapy, and laser hair removal. Houston also offers lip enhancement, microdermabrasion, and nose surgery.

Not all reconstructive surgery is cosmetic, however. Not all aesthetic surgeries are facial, either. However, there are large demands for an expert Houston facial surgeon to perform facial reconstructive surgery due to unfortunate automobile, fire, and other accidents.

The procedures now available for cosmetic surgery as well as other types of reconstructive surgery are plentiful, including blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), brow lift (coronoplasty), chin augmentation, face lift, otoplasty (ears surgery), rhinoplasty (often referred to as a “nose job” which is nose surgery concerning shape and/or contour of the nose), rhytidectomy (wrinkle removal or reduction), and septoplasty (surgery to improve nasal function from the inside).

Whatever your reason may be (cosmetic, functional, or medical) to look for a reconstructive surgeon, Houston offers some of the finest in the country. Please be sure to be well informed before choosing an aesthetic plastic surgeon as well as before choosing to have reconstructive surgery at all.


September 17 2012 |

Plastic Surgery

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