April is Rosacea Awareness Month

Rosacea has a bit of a tricky pronunciation, “roh-ZAY-sha."

Rosacea is a common facial skin disorder that is generally poorly understood. While most people that have this condition do not even know it, estimations are that it affects well over 16 million Americans. A Gallup survey reveals that 78% of Americans do not even have any knowledge of this condition.

We would like the privilege of alerting you to the warning signs of this chronic and often progressive facial disorder that include flushing in the face, redness, acne breakouts. Because of the effects on personal appearance, Rosacea can cause significant psychological, social and occupational problems if left untreated.

This inflammatory skin condition responds to topical medicines and intense pulse light treatments.

For those interested, click here to learn more about rosacea at rosacea.org.

For anyone with the signs / symptoms of Rosacea, schedule your Rosacea Screening at NO COST and NO OBLIGATION for any day during April 2013.


For anyone with the signs / symptoms of Rosacea:

Schedule your NO COST and NO OBLIGATION Rosacea Screening for any day during the Entire Month of April 2013.

Join us for your free rosacea screening during April 2013 - Make your appointment now!

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Dr. Patt is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgeons (ABFPRS) as an otolaryngolist, otherwise known as an ENT Specialist (Ear, nose, and throat) who is also a well-respected reconstructive surgeon helping people with many skin difficulties on many levels.

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