When discussing  common cosmetic skin procedures, most techniques consumers use to cover up dark spots, uneven skin coloration, and dark veins are only temporary. Cosmetics disguise the effects of injury or age, but they can cause their own side effects: blocked pores, skin rashes, and nasal irritation in some cases. Furthermore, when the mask of cosmetics is removed, a person always has to face his or her injured-looking skin.

More than Cosmetic

An alternative approach has been laser treatment, while chemical peels have offered some success to consumers with darkened skin. But not everyone can tolerate such procedures which, though non-invasive, can be too intense for some skin types. Some skin types are burned by these treatments or become hyper-sensitive to sunlight for a period of time. But another option has emerged recently known as Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPLT).

Plastic Surgeons See the Light

IPLT is another non-invasive treatment, this time using light to correct dark veins, hyper-pigmentation, sunspots, and reddening. It lightens freckles and rosacea. Clients receiving this treatment report few side effects and it appears to be a gentle option compared with peels and lasers for many individuals. Patients are generally pleased with results from Intense Pulsed Light Therapy.

What is Intense Pulsed Light Therapy?

IPLT is performed using a broad spectrum light delivered by a handheld device. A trained doctor controls the brightness of light, adjusting the wavelength for different problems and skin types. With light as their tool, plastic surgeons initiate natural healing so the body can deal with discoloration naturally. Consumers looking for natural ways to fight the signs of aging or sun damage look to methods like this because they do not implement harsh chemicals or require surgery. They can throw out much of the contents of their makeup bags and let their skin breathe.

Results of IPLT

After receiving therapy, patients discover their skin is more youthful; noticeably smoother and healthier looking. Enlarged, unsightly pores shrink. Color is more unified all over and one's skin does not need to recover from treatment the way it might with other methods of treatment.

Things to Consider

Some forms of skin trauma might require a more intense cosmetic procedure. For instance, severe acne or acne scarring might require several chemical skin peels or laser treatment. If this is so, a plastic surgeon should notify you immediately the chances of success that each approach will offer. After hearing the evidence, informed patients can decide which direction is right for their skin and what they can afford to spend.

Book Treatment Today

Maybe a face lift actually is the best option for restoring a taut chin or lifting sagging cheeks. Perhaps lasers or peels will be more effective for seriously scarred skin. The fact is that every single patients needs and what works best for each individual will be different.  You may discover that with the help of IPLT, your face could look younger in a short time without the long recovery period involved in plastic surgery. Enjoy this safe procedure today. Rediscover how good youthful skin feels and regain confidence in personal and professional relationships.

Book a consultation and find out your options from one of the best certified and experienced plastic surgeon Houston has available, Dr. Bradford S. Patt and take advantage of IPLT or the many other treatments available!

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