On the cusp of the summer season when teens are getting out of school to prepare for a much-deserved break, or they are graduating and commencing into their next phase of life, some may be seriously considering rhinoplasty surgery. As a parent, thinking of your teen going in for facial plastic surgery may feel overwhelming at first. However, when it comes to nose jobs or rhinoplasty surgery, you may be surprised at the number of teens who receive it in the US each year. See more on this discussion below:

#1 Reasons Your Teen Would Want or Need a Nose Job

In general, both teens and adults seek rhinoplasty surgery either for medical or cosmetic reasons.

Medical Reasons -- On the medical front, this surgery may cure or alleviate breathing problems caused by a post-traumatic injury or a congenital defect.

Cosmetic Reasons -- Concerning cosmetic reasons, teens may use this surgical procedure to change the shape and appearance of their nose. More specifically, depending on a client's needs, a rhinoplasty specialist can, among other things, straighten a crooked nose, alter the angle between the nose and the upper lip, widen or narrow the nostrils, or reshape the tip of the nose.

Aesthetic reasons for nose jobs are extremely common; and like adults, teens who desire to correct a significantly noticeable nose may have good reason to do so, depending on their age and level of maturity.

#2 Some May Not Be Good Candidates for Rhinoplasty

The Growth Factor -- With the exceptions of physical trauma to the face and nose, and those with severe medical conditions that affect breathing and respiration, kids that are typically still experiencing growth spurts and continuing to develop physically may not be good candidates for this surgery. There are various exceptions however, this is why consulting with an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Patt of Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery, is vital to determining candidacy.

The Maturity Factor -- Another reason a teen may not be a good candidate for rhinoplasty is their maturity level. Teens who are experiencing mental and emotional instability may need to be reconsidered at a later time in life, after professional counseling therapy, or after they’ve given it serious thought and consideration over time and they’ve learned to resist peer pressure and control impulses.

#3 The Best Times for Teens to Have Rhinoplasty

Summer Time! -- Because this surgical procedure requires a relatively long healing period – 10 to 14 days to return to social activities, and 12-30 days to return to moderate physical activities, the best time for teens to get a nose job is during the summer break.

When They're an Older Teen -- Most surgeons recommend that teens should consider having the surgery performed either between their junior and senior year in high school, or the summer between graduating from high school and entering college. Usually, the end of May or early June are ideal times.

Ideal Recovery Time -- Teenage post-op recovery times are very similar to adults; however, the beauty of having the procedure in the summer is that teens can have more time to rest and relax to ensure proper healing after surgery. Depending on the type of surgical incision, there are some who may need a little more downtime to heal. Swelling and bruising around the eyes and lips is to be expected with nose reconstruction rhinoplasty, as well as some level of temporary pain and discomfort, thus the 2 ½ months of summer break is ideal and more than enough time to recover.

#4 A Parent & Teen Surgical Consultation is Key

Experience Matters -- Dr. Patt is not only a double board-certified reconstructive surgeon and rhinoplasty specialist, he is also an otolaryngologist with nearly two decades of relevant experience. As a Houston parent, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Patt before your teen undergoes surgery.

Medical Recommendations -- Dr. Patt takes the time to listen to each patient’s needs and desires concerning their appearance and/or physical challenges. Based on your needs, he then provides professional medical recommendations to ensure that patients are able to obtain what they need and desire, while also ensuring that it is what’s medically best for them.

Connect with Dr. Patt -- To schedule your Houston teen’s rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Patt and for more information, call us at tel:281-649-7170, or schedule online now!

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