Lasering can rid you of unwanted hair and get your skin looking its best. Managing unwanted body hair can quickly become a hassle in the summer, as you'll need to shave, wax, or use depilatory lotions more often. However, here’s some good news- laser removal can provide a permanent, effective, and painless solution!

Tanning is a common concern for people considering lasering during the summer months; yet, improved technology has made this procedure safe and effective for darker, as well as tanned, skin. The newest types of lasers can deliver painless hair removal without post-procedure irritation or skin sensitivity. These kinds of lasers use pulses of concentrated light that go below the skin surface to target each hair at the root, without affecting the surrounding skin.

The newest lasers for hair removal are designed not to target pigment in the skin; making them viable options to use during the summer after you've tanned. Dr. Patt’s office uses the most effective lasers made to treat all skin. This innovative technology consists of a cooled plate on the laser tool that slides along the skin surface, and targets each hair at the root. This kind of treatment is both safer and much more comfortable for the average patient. With this type of lasering you'll also have little, if any, downtime; and you should be able to resume wearing your normal summer clothes right away. Signs of skin sensitivity should be minimal, if visible at all.

If you're interested in this kind of laser hair removal during the summer months, call our office today. Moreover, Dr. Patt and his team will be able to give you a thorough consultation in order to help you make a choice that will work best for you.

July 16 2015 |

Laser Hair Removal, Plastic Surgery

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