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Dr. Patt Understands the Impact of Motivations vs. Expectations

Dr. Patt has dealt with motivation and expectation on a number of levels, both in general, and certainly specific to health, wellness and self-image. Women want brands to support them in health and wellness efforts. A product may have some motivational value, but if it does not deliver what women want and expect, it's over.

Dr. Patt uses specific product lines that go along with what women want in a brand (such as Jane Iredale, Obagi and SkinMedica) as well as other treatment products (such as Juvederm, and Ulthera). Plus, the expertise and support Dr. Patt provides to patients is priceless and is evident in the reviews.

And, Dr. patt is very well known and respected for providing such support in health and wellness.

Eyelid Surgery

Ever wonder about eyelid surgery, otherwise known as Blepharoplasty?

Learn more about eye puffiness and Blepharoplasty.

Spring Tune-up

As the hot summer prepares to engulf us for a few months, perhaps you need to change your skin care regimen to prepare for the upcoming hot Houston summer?

Now, while spring blossoms new life, you can get a quick “Spring Tune-up’ to look your best with a light chemical peel. Be prepared for Texas heat!

You can look less tired with Botox, fillers rejuvenation, or other procedure that is right for you.

Contact us now and schedule a no cost and no obligation evaluation to determine if a peel is right for you.


March 13 2013 |

Plastic Surgery

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