A facelift can make an amazing difference in your appearance. Before you schedule a procedure however, you may want to know what to expect. It can help you prepare, and be confident on the day of your appointment.

How Long Does It Take To Recover From A Facelift?

The length of time it will take to recover and heal will depend on the specific procedure. A mid-face lift can take up to three weeks; while recovery generally takes only one or two weeks for other facial procedures.

The first 7 days are crucial after a facelift, as your body adjusts to medications and begins the healing process. Patients will need direct assistance after the first 24 hours post-op, and general help at home during that first week. It is expected to experience swelling and some discomfort; however, these symptoms usually go away after two weeks.

By the third week, you will start to feel back to normal, and you may be able to return to work. Yet, there may still be some medical restrictions, depending on the type of surgery you’ve had.

What To Expect During Recovery

Your face needs time to heal after any cosmetic lifting procedure. This is why you should take sensible precautions and be sure to apply all after-care recommendations while you are recovering.

Follow your doctor's advice on returning to work, and all other usual activities, like driving, etc. Activities that place a considerable strain on your body should be avoided for two weeks or more, as they may cause complications, re-injury, or delay recovery time. Some examples include, housework and strenuous exercise. Again, your surgeon will provide the specifics based on the type of lift you receive and the required recovery time.

There are other factors that can influence recovery as well. Even after the initial recovery period is completed, you still may need to avoid exposure to sun, tanning spas, steam rooms, and saunas for longer periods of time. You should also not consume alcohol, and avoid taking contraindicating prescription and non-prescription meds. Ask your doctor how long you should wait before using a blow dryer for your hair, or how long to wait before you wear contact lenses and jewelry. It may even be a while before you can wear make-up, so do not wear facial cosmetics without your physician's approval.

You may not feel your best immediately after a facelift; and it will take a while before you feel yourself again. However, full recovery may not take as long as expected. Any discomfort you experience will soon disappear, and any swelling that exists after the procedure will eventually vanish.

Ultimately, if you follow these tips and your doctor's advice, you’ll give yourself the appropriate time to completely heal without complications.

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