We’ve previously discussed how popular breast augmentation is, commonly referred to as a “boob job” in which implants are inserted to make the breasts look bigger. The implants are filled with non-toxic chemicals in case of breakage. There are also other types of breast surgery from reduction to reconstruction. But now it seems you can add the "push-up bra" look to the list.

The Independent, a UK-based newspaper, is reporting on a new procedure that promises “to deliver firm, young-looking breasts that keep their shape over time.” The procedure is conducted by implanting bra-shaped slings underneath the skin, inserting silicon cups underneath the breast tissue, and anchoring them to the bones of the rib cage with titanium screws, thereby creating a makeshift internal bra that lifts breasts to the desired position.

The company behind it claims that it is an alternative to traditional breast reduction/augmentation surgeries because it comes with minimal scarring, only takes 45 minutes to complete, and is a sustainable replacement for traditional lifts.

A little background on the procedure:

• It was first conducted in Belgium in 2009 on a clinical trial basis
• It has since been performed 50 times
• It has been approved by the EU (European Union)
• The cost is 6,000 pounds or $10,139

Professor Kefah Mokbel of the London Breast Institute has said, “There is a need for clinical trials with adequate numbers and follow ups to prove the efficacy and safety in the long term.”

To read the entire article, click here.

Since this procedure is still awaiting United States approval, what do you think? Is it something you’d like to see added to our services?

May 23 2014 |

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