How to Get the Most from Browlift Surgery

If you’ve begun seeing the effects of aging, especially around the eyes, you may want to consider a browlift or forehead lift surgical procedure. As we age, it’s common for facial skin to sag somewhat, leading to...

Open Your Eyes to a Summer Brow Lift

Have you ever considered a professional brow lift? Most people don’t know that such a plastic surgical procedure even exists; however, many of us do know that as we age, our face is one of the first areas to show...

When Should I Consider A Cosmetic Surgery Procedure?

Cosmetic surgery has become more accepted these days, with many celebrities opting to have procedures done to enhance their looks in the public eye. However, other people may not feel as adamant about undergoing such...

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 13 July 2016 |

Tags: cosmetic surgery, Cosmetic Surgery

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Things to Know Before a Chemical Peel

A popular procedure that is requested for Dr. Patt is a treatment known as a "chemical peel". A chemical peel can greatly boost the appearance of the skin on the face, hands and neck.

By Dr. Patt's Staff | 12 March 2015 |

Tags: cosmetic surgery, chemical peel, Plastic Surgery

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Aging and the Face

The human face is considered the central organ of expression and sense. This is found on the frontal or rostral surface of the head. With regard to beauty and aesthetics, the face plays an important role, especially...

Why PermaLip Lip Injections Are Great

If you are like many, you may find that you want to get lip injections in order to have fuller, healthier looking lips. Not only will it change the shape of your lips, but it will also change your appearance and could...

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