It is easy to consider the restorative properties of Botox as a modern wonder; yet, the truth is that this miracle has its roots firmly planted in the nineteenth-century sausage industry- NOT in the USA. In a world of constantly changing beauty standards and practices, the history of beauty’s first faltering steps is often overlooked. Before the advent of modern cosmetics, people were forced to make due with poisons and harsh caustic chemicals such as lead and lye. And unfortunately, certain medical mistakes and mishaps were also responsible for the newfound revelation of cosmetic procedures. The following is a brief history of Botox.

Botox’s Botulism Discovery

In the 1820s, the death of a dozen Germans led authorities to suspect poorly prepared sausages had been the culprit. Dr. Justinus Kerner documented and pioneered the research into foodborne botulism, and the neurological symptoms inherent in the toxin. This lead other scientists to continue working on the problem. Until more than 70 years later, seven strains of botulism were identified. This includes Botulism A, which is the basis for Botox skin treatment and facial injections.

Early Medical Uses

It wasn't until the late 1970s that Botox received its FDA approval for volunteer testing. This was received after ophthalmologist Dr. Alan Scott theorized that the muscle-relaxing traits of the toxin might help to reduce eye strain and straighten crossed eyes. By 1981, research papers written by Dr. Scott, and others, gave evidence for botulinum toxin type A as an effective treatment for shoulder and facial spasms.

Popular in the USA, But Not Born Here

By the new millennium, Botox has become a safe alternative to many forms of facial plastic surgery, and various medical treatments. It is routinely used in the treatment of wrinkles, the easing of fine lines, and fuller lips; as well as, overactive sweat glands and long-term relief of migraines. With multiple FDA approvals, Botox continues to transform the medical and cosmetic industries. Professionals like Dr. Bradford Patt work hard to maintain the strictest qualities of the product and its corresponding procedures.

In the right clinical setting, Botox injections have been found to be highly effective when it comes to treating various medical and cosmetic issues; as such, it has become wide-spread among multiple generations. Dr. Patt is an experienced facial plastic surgeon who utilizes a special combination technique in providing Botox treatments to his patients. Interested? Contact the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patt at (281) 649-7170, or schedule an appointment online today.

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