At a time when Botox parties are trending online, local health officials are issuing stern warnings about the hazards of women and men accepting Botox injections in non-medical office environments. Botox is a brand name for an acute injection known as botulinum. While Botox is widely used in doctor's offices, and in spa's as a "cosmetic treatment," there is no U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidance for "safely" giving someone an injection in a home party setting. In brief, health officials are warning fans that there is a possibility that home Botox shots may spread from the injection site to other areas of the body, if the injection is not properly administered by a trained health professional in a medical office, or in a "safe" spa setting.

Injection parties on the rise

While Botox is now commonly used for a wide variety of medical uses, there are medical warnings about using it for simple cosmetic reasons. The first question a doctor will ask a patient who wants this injection is "why?" If the patient cannot properly or fully answer this key question, than the doctor can decline the request for Botox. However, this is not the case when friends and family enjoy a so-called "Botox Party"; because, there may not be a full understanding, or careful consideration, of the fact that injections will take place without the presence of proper medical office staff and safeguards.

Shots often feature adverse effects

A licensed medical professional is trained to quickly sort out any adverse effects after giving a patient Botox for either the first time, or during a reoccurring treatment session. This is not the case during a typical "trending" Botox party at someone's home. Health officials warn about "off-target effects", such as an allergic reaction that a party goer may not be aware of.

Overall, the best advice for Botox fans is to realize that administering this powerful drug for cosmetic use is relatively safe when injections are given by trained health professionals in a medical setting. The dangers of home-based Botox parties are far too great, and not worth the risks in the long run.

September 17 2015 |

Botox, Botox Party

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