As it rightfully is, National Frappe Day should be listed as one of our national holidays! After all, what's not to love about great coffee, chocolate, caramel and whipped cream? So, on October 7th, visit your favorite barista and enjoy a fabulous frappe while considering why Botox is even better than drinking that daily frappe!

Mood and Self-Confidence Booster

Both frappes and Botox treatments have two very important factors in common. Both the barista and the plastic surgeon must be among the best in their field in order to achieve outstanding results while also helping to improve your day. However, Botox has a decided advantage in that those hated wrinkles are gone 24/7, while the frappe is only a fond memory after 30 minutes.

Lasting Results

Botox treatments generally last three to six months. It works by blocking the signals that travel from nerves to muscles so that the muscles soften and relax. This makes wrinkles and creases much less noticeable, especially around the eyes, on the forehead, and around the mouth- diminishing the look of deep smile lines and crinkled lips. The only lasting result from a frappe may be on the hips.

Professional Advancements

It's been proven that an attractive appearance will more likely help you get the job at the interview and obtain promotions. Especially for anyone in sales, entertainment, or for those of you who deal with the public in any capacity. Wrinkles and lines can add years to your appearance, just the opposite of the vibrant, healthy appearance that gives you an edge over competitors. The only way that a frappe can help anyone to advance their career is to buy one for a client.

Enhanced Social Status

The self-confidence gained from feeling younger and more beautiful on the outside, also gives you confidence on the inside. Embracing yourself fully can only improve your social status. Buying a frappe only proves that you can afford $5.

Long-Term Costs/Savings

Did you know that Botox treatments also relieve pain for many people suffering from chronic migraines and can help others reduce excessive sweating? The cosmetic effects of Botox are well-known, from improving appearance, to reducing pain and sweating. When administered appropriately by your cosmetic surgeon, you’ll find that Botox ultimately costs considerably less than many surgical treatments; with long-lasting results to boot! Frappes taste wonderful, but simply can't compare to the savings and benefits of Botox. That’s priceless.

Connect with Dr. Bradford Patt at the Houston Center for Facial Plastic Surgery to discuss the proper use of Botox Houston, and how you might benefit. Among his many accomplishments, Dr. Patt is a leading expert in Botox. Call for an appointment to discover a more youthful and vibrant you. And why not have the BEST of BOTH worlds? You can still “Drink your Frappes and Have Botox Too!”

October 06 2016 |

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