Botox is one of the more popular rejuvenation techniques on the market. When used by a professional like Dr. Patt, it can take years off of your face. People are always lining up to have the procedure done, but it is important to stop and think about the long-term impact of botox. If you are looking into a Botox Houston procedure, you may wish to know what will happen to your skin after the treatment wears off. Many wonder if the substance stretches out your skin, leading to more wrinkles than before the first treatment.

The good news for fans of Botox is that the treatment does not stretch out your skin. When used by a professional, only enough of the substance is used to paralyze the muscles under the affected area and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. When the Botox wears off, the wrinkles will certainly return - but your skin will not have been stretched. There is no movement of your skin at all, as it relates to using this substance; and you don't have to worry about any unsightly stretch marks or new wrinkles.

Most of the fears about skin stretching come from those who have used too much Botox, or used it far too often. Unfortunately, the possible weakening of the muscles that is caused by over using the chemical can lead to skin sagging. This, in turn, will lead to new wrinkles. That is why it’s so important that you only work with an experienced professional. If you choose to have any sort of beauty procedure done, always make sure that you work with someone who is licensed and has expertise with the procedure in question. Failure to do so can lead to worsening problems than those that you initially looked at correcting.

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